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Key Data Blog 18 Higher Education Leading the Way in Identity Management
Higher Education Leading the Way in Identity Management

Higher education can deploy unified IAM models that centralize identity management in a single cloud-based platform.

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Cyber threat activities against critical infrastructure can have severe and wide-reaching consequences, including the potential to compromise national security and public safety.

Integrating Identity and Access Management to Secure Federal and State Agencies

Just like in other industry sectors, Canadian governments and the public sector face a barrage of IT and security challenges, such as escalating cyber risks, reliance on digital access for users and workforces, and silos and duplications across multiple agencies and ecosystems. Besides, government agencies face other challenges, such as the use of legacy systems with limited technology capabilities, dynamic regulatory requirements, low budgets, and limited IT resources. Such security concerns require a modern identity and access management (IAM) solution that can seamlessly interoperate across ecosystems, providing secure access to information and systems.

Energy 01
Identity and Access Management in the Energy Sector

Energy utilities face the same business and technology challenges other organizations experience, and they must ensure their critical infrastructure remain operational and safe. As state actors increasingly target energy providers, a significant foundation of security efforts involves ensuring that staff, users, and contractors get proper levels of access to systems, applications, and equipment. However, implementing proper security measures in the energy sector remains a challenge for various reasons. Identity and access management (IAM) solutions provide a reliable method for organizations to secure their critical infrastructure.

Higher Ed
The Importance of Identity in Higher Education

Identity and Access Management (IAM) describes how organizations grant different users specific data permissions under various contexts. IAM has become a critical tool that supports data security by ensuring that only authorized users and machines can access sensitive information at selected times, consequently curtailing cyberattacks.