What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

PAM refers to the set of governance, processes, and technology controls that manage elevated or (‘privileged’) permissions within an IT environment. Authorized users have access to the privileged information required to execute privileged commands and control user access permissions providing users with the least amount of privileges to perform their job.

PAM can be visualized by imagining an office that has restricted areas (e.g., a server room) with limited employee access. An organization can control access to these restricted areas using a pass card, for example. The same concept applies to enterprise PAM solutions. In this case, the employees are privileged users, the pass card is the privileged credentials, and the restricted areas are your systems and assets.

Why KeyData for PAM

Today’s complex businesses require a PAM solution that delivers a frictionless front-end experience for end users and tightly controlled access and security, while allowing for scalability in the future.

KeyData and our carefully chosen PAM vendor partnerships will help you stay several steps ahead of the hackers and protect your most sensitive assets from internal threats. KeyData’s team of experts can help you find a PAM solution based on your unique use cases with complete end-to-end implementation services to help you make the most out of your PAM solution deployment.


KeyData looks at Privileged Access Management (PAM) holistically from a governance, process, and technology perspective to control elevated access and permissions across the organization. We center our approach on the Least Privilege and Need-to-Use principles to ensure that only the minimum required privileges are used when performing authorized privileged activities.

The KeyData difference and the holistic benefits you gain:


Policies, standards, and procedures

Monitoring and reporting

PAM strategy and roadmap

Accountability, roles and responsibilities

PAM training and awareness

PAM operating model and resources hiring

City 1

Asset and Account inventorying

Account provisioning, and decommissioning

Privileged access request & fulfillment

Privileged credential retrieval accounts & users

Privileged activity monitoring, reporting & alerting

City 2

Password storage and retrieval

Password management (e.g., automated rotation)

On-demand access elevation

Privileged session proxy

Activity logging, monitoring and alerting

Solution integrations (e.g ITSM and PAM integration)

City 3

We engaged with KeyData due to their deep expertise and experience in IAM. KeyData conducted a ‘current state’ assessment of our complex IAM environments, with multiple stakeholder groups, and identified key challenges our organization was facing. Based on our key challenges, KeyData defined a pragmatic and realistic enterprise IAM Strategy & Roadmap, outlining the key components and priority milestones to achieving a successful IAM deployment. The Strategy and Roadmap were well received by the multiple stakeholder groups. We are on track with implementing the Enterprise IAM Roadmap and realizing the business value.

Christophe Grove, Vice President, Desjardins Group

Shortly after taking over the senior IT role, I engaged Rosa (KeyData) to conduct an assessment of the performance and results of an IAM project for which I had serious concerns. She was recommended as a highly qualified industry expert and she lived up to her reputation. Her in-depth investigation uncovered the true realities regarding the effectiveness of the delivered IAM solution and provided a clear understanding of the performance of the project team and the external technology consultant. Rosa’s work and report was extremely valuable in informing me on what IAM solution is appropriate for an organization like ours and the path to achieving it.

Robert Wong, Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Risk Officer Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

KeyData provided excellent guidance for a strategic deployment of SailPoint IIQ in the CBI environment. Their expertise in the area of IAM was invaluable in tackling both existing and new process leading to a successful initial deployment of the solution. We look forward to a continued partnership with KeyData.

Frédéric St-Jean Mercier, Director, IT Service Center, Intact Financial Corporation

KeyData helped to define the long-term IAM strategy for Manulife Financial. Three years later the company is still on course to fulfill that strategy.

Vaughn Littlejohn, AVP, Global Information Risk Management Shared Services Manulife Financial

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Google blocking 18M malicious coronavirus emails every day - CNET
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The partnership with KeyData was critical to the success of our SailPoint IdentityIQ implementation and the decommissioning of our old IDM system. Thank you, to the team at KeyData.

Jason Testart, Director, Information Security Services University of Waterloo

Benefits of Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Defend against internal threats and targeted attacks – protect the organizations most sensitive assets by monitoring privileged access

Enforce least privilege - for all identities - human and machine - on-premise and in the cloud

Frictionless experience – eliminate the need for privileged users to remember multiple passwords or log in directly in a single c

Satisfy audit and compliance – with audit trail of privileged access and ensure compliance with business and gov