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Prior to the deployment of KeyData’s digital identity solution, the online services offered by the provincial government to citizens and businesses were available through fragmented legacy technology sets resulting in a poor user experience. The fragmentation was due to the lack of a central solution that all services could leverage for their identity needs. Consequently, citizens needed to register for multiple accounts (usernames and passwords) to access various government services.

The disjointed processes were designed to address historical privacy concerns which did not accommodate modern SSO protocols making them less secure. Additionally, the legacy solution needed heavy infrastructure support and was unreliable requiring significant over-head costs to manage.

The provincial government sought a partner to deliver a modern and industry leading digital citizen authentication platform to offer services that supported varying levels of credential assurance for it’s 14M+ citizens.


KeyData was selected by the province to provide advisory and delivery services to design, migrate and integrate a modern SaaS solution that aligns to the government’s privacy, security, and usability requirements.

The new identity platform provides citizens and businesses with user-friendly, secure access to Ministry services. This market leading identity solution allows citizens and businesses to manage their profile and connect to government services through a centralized dashboard.


    ✔ Established a scalable and resilient platform to support over 1000 services across government Ministries and Agencies
    ✔ Successfully integration between Government Sign-in by Verified.Me and the new centralized service – first of its kind
    ✔ Single directory for securing user identity information and credentials, including self-service registration and password reset
    ✔ Enterprise-grade identity management service
    ✔ Modernized integration patterns for services through
    ✔ Minimal customization requiring low maintenance
    ✔ Supports all industry standard federated SSO protocols
    ✔ Modern and AODA compliant end-user experience and design
    ✔ Boasts significant availability, performance, and scalability
    ✔ Foundation setup to extend to online identity proofing, digital identity, and digital wallets
    ✔ Flexible security layers, including blocking suspicious IPs related to attempted attacks
    ✔ Offers multi-factor options including common authenticators (mobile authenticator and e-mail)