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The University of Waterloo, with over 35,000 students and 2,800 faculty members, was sunsetting their Identity & Access Management solution. The previous solution, running on a framework past end-of-life, had become unstable and had issues with supportability, performance, extensibility, and usability.

The university engaged KeyData Associates to help modernize their IAM program using SailPoint’s IdentityIQ product. KeyData’s ability to understand and address the university’s pain points, using the IdentityIQ product, set them well apart during the RFP process.


KeyData worked closely with the university, building a solution that addressed issues of the past, with an eye to future service expansion. The result is a solution that has significantly boosted the university’s IDM service versatility, user experience, and integration potential. The solution has also reduced the need for manual processes, and it has automated and enhanced preventive and detective controls, and increased transparency and visibility. KeyData’s robust target state architecture has proven effective and reliable. Batch processes are completed in minutes rather than days.

Throughout the engagement, KeyData also delivered effective training and knowledge transfer, which allowed the university’s IT security team to effectively manage the solution independently through go-live and beyond.

The next generation IAM solution has proven to be a solid foundation since its launch in the spring of 2019. The University has been able to expand IAM services to the University and its satellite campuses, as well as the affiliated colleges.