KeyData carried out a stakeholder-focused Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) current state assessment. After identifying the client’s priority needs and pain points, we developed a strategic roadmap with recommendations for improvement that addressed disparate identities, access delays, data gaps, process inefficiencies and poor end-user experience.


Within the first eight months, KeyData implemented best-of-breed IAM (SailPoint) and PAM (BeyondTrust) solutions to enable clinical staff fast and secure access to patient data. IAM processes were streamlined to improve efficiency, end-user experience, and risk mitigation controls. The implementation required complex data management and data clean-up, consolidation of identity data from various repositories, and integration with several core systems, including Epic and a Learning Management System. One of the key benefits of the implementation was to resolve the delays in granting critical care staff their requisite access to systems and data. More specifically, to eliminate labor intensive and manual access management. KeyData is continuing to provide ongoing support for the multi-phase IAM/PAM roadmap.