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Higher Education Leading the Way in Identity Management

Reliable identity and access management (IAM) models enable the deployment and use of applications and information with significantly greater protection than what traditional perimeter security provides. IAM ensures that authorized users have the appropriate access to appropriate information assets. The security solution has been around for a long time, in some shape or form, to help organizations limit access to sensitive information and critical systems.

Simply put, IAM in enterprise IT entails defining and managing roles and access privileges of individual network entities, including users and devices, to the different cloud and on-premise IT assets. Users, in this case, include customers, employees, consultants, and partners, while devices include computers, laptops, smartphones, network equipment, servers, and IoT sensors. 

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Lessons Learned from the Colonial Pipeline Attack: Protect Your Organization Against Ransomware

Current ransomware attacks are becoming frequent and sophisticated, with attackers deploying massive botnets to distribute infections and spam through spear-phishing campaigns. The attacks increased by a mind-boggling 485 percent in 2020 compared to 2019, according to Bitdefender telemetry as published in the 2020 Consumer Threat Landscape Report. Unlike in the past when hackers targeted the perfect stranger, today’s ransomware attacks are executed with great attention to detail to net many victims without arousing suspicion.

Other than targeting specific individuals and organizations, there are other emerging trends in the ransomware industry. Previous ransomware attacks aimed to compromise the availability component of the CIA triad, but all bets are off now as threat actors are triggering new trends in organized cybercrime. They are augmenting ransomware attacks with additional extortion components targeting both confidentiality and integrity.

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The Importance of Identity in Higher Education

Identity and Access Management (IAM) describes how organizations grant different users specific data permissions under various contexts. IAM has become a critical tool that supports data security by ensuring that only authorized users and machines can access sensitive information at selected times, consequently curtailing cyberattacks. IAM programs, above all else, serve to reduce the human error risk, the leading cause of data breaches today.

With security professionals recognizing that identity is the new perimeter for securing data in private, public and hybrid clouds across all industries, introducing IAM and related cybersecurity training programs in higher education can present key identity management models and concepts to candidates seeking to help increase cyber resilience in organizations.

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CIAM: The Quiet Key to Customer Service

Customer experience is where loyalties, customers, budgets are won or lost these days. With a state-of-the-art CIAM system, your company can take customer interactions to the next level, protect privacy, simplify transactions, smooth the user experience, solve problems faster, and manage data more efficiently and more safely. This means cost savings, greater customer retention, powerful word of mouth marketing, and even increased earnings thanks to lowered barriers facilitating the end-user experience.

We don’t need to tell you that customers these days are fickle. Your competition wants to tempt them away. They want to save money. Hackers want to exfiltrate and sell their data. And while we’re all overwhelmed and dealing with a constantly changing pandemic situation, our ability to roll with technical and UX glitches is at a minimum, both on the user side and behind the scenes. Let’s look at how a good CIAM solution can help you and your users.

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KeyData Celebrates International Women's Day, 365 Days a Year.

"If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” - Margaret Thatcher

Today we celebrate #IWD2021 International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. This year’s International Women’s Day campaign has chosen the theme #ChooseToChallenge, with the idea that a challenged world is an alert world, and individually, we are all responsible for our thoughts and actions. According to the campaign, we can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality.

If Thatcher's above quote was expressed differently, the British politician and stateswoman meant that women are the real architects of society. Women like our very own CEO and Founder, Rosa Caputo, who rose to the challenge of starting her own business in cybersecurity over 15 years ago. A passionate cybersecurity executive, Rosa enjoys mentoring and sharing her experiences with other women in the industry and her accomplishments didn't go unnoticed over the years, since she was recognized in 2020 as ITWC's Top Women in Cyber Security Celebration: Honouree roundup.

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Identity is the New Security Perimeter Across All Industries

Let us take a stroll down memory lane and consider how IT environments used to look like approximately ten years ago. Businesses owned datacenters with in-house IT, including servers, operating systems, client machines, applications, and other services. There were no BYOD devices at the time, and third-parties rarely accessed company systems and networks.

Things are substantially different today. Organizations are prioritizing digital transformation by embracing cloud services at a breakneck speed. An article on Forbes in September 2020 indicated that the previous six months alone produced more digital transformation than the last decade, with increased acceleration and scalability. This year, 5G and quantum computing are predicted to go mainstream. The hybrid cloud will dominate the enterprise architecture, analytics and big data will continue to increase, and organizations will democratize AI at scale. Additionally, the newly embraced remote working strategies will outlast COVID-19. These trends make it difficult to define the network perimeter.

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Gartner's Top 10 Security Projects for 2019

Gartner released their list of “Top 10 Security Projects for 2019” and named Privileged Access Management (PAM) as a business imperative for the second year in a row.

KeyData has helped a broad range of Fortune 500 clients across all industry sectors design and implements PAM programs to help reduce their operational risk due to poorly managed privileged access.  KeyData’s PAM assessment framework identifies the gaps between your current state and industry-leading PAM Best Practices.  We’ll define your target state architecture and a roadmap to address the gaps from an operational risk management perspective addressing, process and technology.  The multi-phase pragmatic implementation program helps our clients move forward with confidence that their priority objectives for PAM will be met.  

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